About Me

Welcome to ThoughtsBlots. A personal blog and attempt at documenting depression and open thoughts of a pretty socially reserved adult. This Blog is dedicated to help me speak my mind as well as try to reach out to anyone beyond the internet who either might be interested in my story, or needs someone to relate to under the same circumstance.

My name is Travis, a Bisexual twenty year old adult in Utah. I’m an avid gamer and creative man. But also reserved in truth in terms of social interaction. My general shyness comes from a childhood of bullying and lack of friends, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to reach out the best I can to speak to anyone.

About in May 2014, I’ve began developing depression and suicidal thoughts after a fall out at my first job and in January 2015,  I’ve at least attempted suicide twice that both have failed thankfully. I’ve come to decide to take action with the help of my family, and went to something that I could document my thoughts and voice. Trying to shed the anonymous mask and get my voice out there to not only recover from these dark thoughts, but also try to help anyone who suffers the same.

This blog is a beginner’ blog as seen in the form of writing. By no means this is a professional blog and doubt it will ever be used as such. More or less it’s just a means to speak to anyone and everyone who stumbles upon this. And as well open discussions to anything that peaks my interest, or the interest of my audience.

My dedication for this blog is to have something posted within two weeks of each other. To be able to keep myself in check, as well as understand the importance of my mind and writing. To value my own opinion and vent out the issues that I come across.


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