Long Time Gone, but Greatly Recovered.

So I thought I forgot my WordPress account quite a long time ago. I thought writing my mind out back then would work. But found my late night writing came to an end after getting my new job and responsibilities. As I near my first year since my suicide attempt. I felt the need to come back onto Thoughtsblots once again.

I look past at my other posts, and saw my situation. How it has changed. Even though the seasonal depression is setting in. I’m doing far better now than I did in the beginning. This week I search to enroll into college, and find a new pristine plate to begin this new phase of my life on. What I decide to try out in the future from here on. My sexuality and state on my skepticism hasn’t changed much outside of my family knowing where I stand. And their respect couldn’t have been better.

I still work on speaking with my friends and opening up. Only two really know my stance, and I try to throw the hints without being too forward on the friends who don’t support LGBT folk. It would be a huge stress relief once the rest learn, and perhaps see the results. Which still scare me. But I know it’s bound to occur. They’ll learn one way or another, and I could only hope my approach is well received.

I know this blog is very disorganized, very messy. And lacks structure. But I feel the need to pick this up once again. Give my blog another shot. Perhaps add new topics that are both popular, and unpopular. And try to vent my mind in other ways that are not just my depression. We’ll see where the future goes. As I near the anniversary of my suicide attempt. I recognize a turning point of my life. Where I was at the darkest point, and turned my life around.


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