Growing with New Ideas (Atheism and Hope)

Dear reader, it certainly has been a while since I’ve last posted anything. With work consuming most of my free time. I’ve found little time to write anything that came to mind I wanted to discuss. However, in recent times, I’ve come to question my previous faith and my new look upon my new ideas as an agnostic atheist. To compare what my christian views are supposed to be, as opposed to my new beliefs.

I want to make this clear, as atheism is quite the bane of any religion. Atheism does provide hope. Hope is not a godly aspect, nor is it a religious aspect either. Hope is something we all yearn, and desire. To hope for a better tomorrow is something we all share. Hoping we live another day. Hoping our next work day doesn’t suck. Hope is in everything we try to achieve.

As a christian, I was often told, or implied aside from God. You cannot have hope in anything. You can’t have any TRUE hope. Which bothered me, a lot. How can’t we live with hopes and dreams without a god? How did we, as human beings even consider hope as something only a God can provide?

I will note that Atheism is not a religion. It’s not a way of life, or set path of lifestyles. Atheism is the lack of a belief in a God or Deity. Plain and simple. My life as a person didn’t change much when I came to the conclusion that I no longer believed in a God, or rather man made gods. I still worked, I still kept my friends, I still love my family. I still have my morals. Nothing in my life drastically changed when I claim there is no God man has imagined to be true.

When I stopped believing in Christian’s version of God. I felt more relieved. The idea no matter what you, me, or anyone else does. The higher power considered us worthless. I couldn’t do anything good that wasn’t called evil. I can’t try to be a nice person without being worthless. What was worse, no matter what I did. People were per-destined for hell. So much for “God’s Mercy” when he picks who ascends and descends.

Stopping my belief in god didn’t screw up what I believe is wrong and right. I still consider many things wrong, and likely will never change my view on that. Such as murder, thievery, rape, all the sorts of things that I’m certain you think is wrong. However I know a new hope for my life and what to achieve in this short life in mine.

I grew to accept death. Death IS natural. you can look to nature and see how it utilizes death, to bring new life. We all will meet death, it’s a fact of life. However, I’m no longer afraid to die. But does that mean I seek it? Of course not. I feel more motivated and free to make the most of my life. To find happiness, and give happiness to other folk. To make the best of everything life presents. For my family, and others.

I have hope in a brighter tomorrow for everyone. Not for a God who doesn’t raise a finger when I prayed. It was the actions of myself to determine what was to pass. If I saw a homeless man sleeping on the street. What is my prayer going to be? “Please god send something to help this man.” When I can take the action to help the man himself? Why am I so worried for God to take action, when I can do it myself?

I can take the action, that someone else will pray for. I have a hope what positive actions I put out there, will breed more positive results. Not to reward me, but make someone else’s life a bit easier. I hope that whatever I can do, my fellow man and woman will prosper and live a better life. Rather than live in negative light like the religions across the world like to present the rest of the world.

I grow each day with this new open minded approach to everything now. I have new hope in my life to make things better. Death is the final frontier, but that is the future. What matters is what we can do today, that will impact tomorrow. That is a way of life I wish to live. Rather than cling onto the hope that there is something beyond death. I don’t want to cling onto a hope that maybe my mother, when she dies isn’t going to be burning in this Hell because she believed the wrong god, or no god.

In the end, my newfound hope is given because I’m no longer centered upon fear of death. I’m not trying to blind myself to the nature of death in hopes of an afterlife. If it exists, I’ll find that answer out myself. But until then, I’m going to work to make a new generation to make life easier for everyone. To help them step by step to a new future. Not to a god who won’t take action, but to a future of where we all work hand in hand to secure happiness the best we can make it.


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