Thoughtsblots and it’s beginning purpose.

My name is Travis, and I guess I can say welcome to Thoughtblots. This blog is not only a beginning to me, but also a means to document my series of thoughts and what runs through my head. This was something I wanted to think about trying since documenting all of these ideas and thoughts on paper didn’t work out. I considered starting a Youtube channel dedicated to vlogging my experiences, but the lack of a good quality camera or editing programs is just not suiting me well.

I’m an avid WoW (World of Warcraft) player on the server Moon Guard under the alias of “Kinria”. I’m also quite a gamer and thoughtful person. Born in 1995, I’ll be 20 come this May. And in truth, this blog was made to assist in a series of depression that has begun shortly after graduating from High School. If I can find an outlet to get these thoughts out, perhaps one man or woman could stumble upon this and relate, and even follow the steps I take to recovery. As well as a means to self discovery as a Bisexual male.

I want to set this blog as a means to vent my mind clear of any thoughts and keep it as an open forum if I can. I’m often shy to speak with people, as I do have issues expressing myself in person when I can elaborate myself in text, and even think ahead before painting the wrong picture. I also wish to have proper discussion with anyone who does stumble upon this. And even hope to open this blog to my friends and family to read where I come from, as I’m not a great person to confront another about issues and ideas I have on my own.

This is the beginning however, this blog is a new thing for me, so if my topics and expressions are a mess. This is all new to me and suited to help me vent most of all. Doing all the needed steps to recovery and get as far away from the depths of depression can take one. And we all need to start somewhere, and I feel a blog would be a great place to start.

I also want this blog to be able to speak my mind on any topics. From gaming to world events. To sexuality to faith. As a deist but not confined to one faith, I want my open mind to explore all routes and thoughts. and share my opinion to those who will value what I have to say or present. It might be a mess of a blog as some dedicate to certain purposes, but Thoughtblots is dedicated to help a voice that is confined inside myself because of the social paranoia and fears that keep it silenced.

I do thank you for stumbling upon this blog. As well as taking the time to read it. If you follow with my blog and read upon it, well I certainly appreciate the reading eye. I would also love to have an audience to approach and have open forum with. If there is anything that helps folk, speaking your mind always help people relieve the stress of daily life. And can provide purpose to push forward.

I also want to dedicate this blog to a weekly/Bi-weekly post. I won’t be devoted to write unless my mind has something to say and I’m eager to come onto this to write away. I assure there will be something posted within every two weeks to keep this blog relevant and remind me I’m still using this as a recovery and attempt at new things.


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